Friday, June 11, 2004


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I suggest... WATCH HARRY POTTER!!!
And Antonio Banderas WAS the voice of Puss in Boots. Oh, it wasn't just the dilated pupils that were nice. It was also how it expands and contracts in sync with the surroundings and feelings. It's so pretty. (picture of shoes below)

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All i can say is... "THANK YOU!!!" *hug, hug, hug* HEE.
You have this knack of understanding the feelings of others right to the T. That's why i will say it again... you're a real good person to confide in!
YES. Feel so cheated. All that money. Oh well.
And yup. Not short of enthusiasm just yet! Still excited. Will not get myself down before anything even begins.

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Brain pretty much empty and void, of things to say.
All that occupies my mind is, "MY BOW!, DANG IT! WHEN YOU GONNA CALL ME?!"
*dashes as fast as a diarrhoea afflicted cow to handphone everytime it beeps or rings*
Honestly, that's almost how it is.

My patience is still intact... but wearing thinner.
Much thinner.

I know it's coming, but i don't know what exactly is happening.
Has it been sent?
Is it on its way?
Has it reached customs?
What? WHAT?!

Grrr... Call me impatient.

But I've been waiting for -THE MOMENT- for more than one month.
That's just for the bow itself.

But i've been waiting to train for ages...
I'm looking forward to the challenge, the sweat, the grit, the competition between team mates, the test of the minds and skill, the pleasures of satisfaction and the experience of sporting failure and picking up self again.

*shudders in excitement*

It's not just this bothersome thing thats plaguing me.

FOr absolutely no reason at all, i feel another intangible turmoil going on inside.
My school readings and work are all done well in advance, my assignments done and sent.
Family is all right, friends are fine.
Things with God are stable too.

Perhaps it's just the innate and ever present anxiety that decided to flare up for a bit.

*** ***

Relatives are coming tonight. My grandpa will be dwelling my room.
I, will be residing in parents' room.


Till Then.

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