Saturday, June 26, 2004

Mild surprise and uncertainty.

Went to church today and got a surprise when i was on the way out.

I saw LIONEL POH in the auditorium. With a group of other guys i didn't recognize.
Quite a surprise after 1 and a half years.
Not that we had any history of course.

Seeing him just brings back memories because:

1. He REALLY looks like Mr Ex.
That's not only in my opinion, by the way.
When both he and Mr Ex were in the Under-19 Rugby Team, they kept being mistaken for one another!
Other people in ACJC also held the same opinion.
And they both wear braces.
And they both have about the same physique. Same hair-do.

2. They were both from rugby back in JC. He and Mr Ex are friends.

3. He's also from ACJC.

Of course we didn't acknowledge each other since we never really were acquainted before.

*** ***

Argh. Something is bothering me loads but i am not sure this is the right place to spill.

All i can say is, my place in the training team is at stake.
All thanks to some itchy bitchy people who cannot get their facts straight before making moves.

First, it was the delay in the bow's arrival.
Then it got mildly damaged.
Now this.

When will this be over?

I tell myself anyway. If i cannot get in by recommendation, which is the whole cornerstone reason for getting into the training team, i will work to prove it.

God is teaching me something.
Things always happen for a reason.

*** ***

I can only recognise certain stars/celebrities (female) when they have their "signature" style of make-up done.
If you strip it off, i wouldn't know who the toot they are.
Get it?

Till Then.

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