Monday, June 28, 2004

Whacked up. But it's all good.

The whole set of arrows. All 21 of them. Posted by Hello

I like the colour of the nock, sorta orangey-yellow. But i think i will need a colour that will stand out against grass if i lose an arrow. Posted by Hello

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Ah hah. I have FINALLY gotten my set of arrows.
The last of the necessary equipment i need. They are 2nd hand, carbon tech, good training arrows from one of the national team members. He loaned them to me for a bit to get used to them. Will prolly end up buying the bunch anyway.

Yesterday was my "first extended compound bow practice". Meaning, my bow didn't screw up on me, unlike two weeks ago, when the confounded thing croaked.

My arms and especially my trapezius are aching.
And i have once again gotten badly bruised because of the bow string slapping the unprotected bits of arm.
But even then, it slipped under the armguard due to recoil.
My face is sunburnt again and emitting heat.
Am unevenly tanned everywhere. Soon, i'm going to look like that venomous snake that has sections of colour along its length.

Coach: "For the love of archery."
Couldn't have said it better. You know that chinese four worded thing.
"If you love something, you love everything that comes along with it."

I met this lady and her daughter for the first time at the range, though they have seen me shoot before. Was rather flattered by their comments but anyway. I will take it as encouragement. :-)
Apparently, they stay in the same estate as me!

I really Thank God for this:
While coach was fixing my bow, one of the guys in charge of official team matters came by and stopped to chat. And it was so nicely planned that he said:
"Ok, got your arrows? GO OUT and TRAIN!"
Which reminded coach to ask him to give me the forms and other stuff.

What i gather from the conversation that followed, is that my place in the training team is not as at stake as i thought.

I daren't say it's 100% confirmed, because i have not gotten the forms. But i'll say that the situation looks, not too bad.
They are awaiting the AGM to be over first before giving the docs.

Bleh. AGMs remind me of the crap politics that... Never mind.

Whatever it is, i leave it all to God. Nothing i can do at this point.

I did ok at 30m. -THANK GOD-
You know i was SO scared, because it was my first attempt with the compound.
My first shot was a 10 pointer! WOO!
Managed to get 2 'X's as well!!!
Was grinning to self just staring at the target sheet.

But over time, i got tired so most of the shots were like 7,8 and 9s.

There are only 2 other people in the whole range using PSE bows, besides me.
The nice thing is that the two other guys are doing great with the bows. So those fellas who shun PSE... Oh, don't be so bias!

Heh, heh. Despite my shooting kaki and the president getting turned off by the colour of me bow, i have found two people who say they actually like it at first glance!
I will admit i balked inside when i first saw it. But it's growing on me.
Learning to love it and it's not difficult.

Overall, i am happy but apprehensive. But still, happy.
I have work to do.
Essay on the study of Religion and Science.

The ever cutest thing. Always in danger of being my live target. Posted by Hello

Toodles my friends. Love you all.

Till Then.
*enjoying the feeling of a good workout*

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