Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Life actually feels normal.

Thanks for the insight! :-) i am really no photographer, i just snap what i like and fiddle around with the buttons.
My tutor, this other classmate of mine and i got into this short discussion on cameras. In your opinion, how would you pronounce "Nikon"? Do you say "Nee-con" OR "Nai-con"? Curious.
I think i have another photo of ACJC somewhere, but it's about the same thing anyway.
By the way, your eye is ok now?

Why are you puzzled? And yes, that IS Jed yawning... It's not an ornament. Does it look like one?
He could never be an ornament. Never stays in one place for long, the little monster.
My sister caught that picture. She's the photographer in the house.

*** ***


I never thought it could be this way again, but i feel normality creeping back again!
Oh, i love it.

But i am not sure it'll stay this way for long.

*** ***

Oh, i got quite a shock on sunday while watching the telly.

There's this new Canon advert:
"Girl dives (to save the ball?) and her bikini top flies off and the camera catches the embarrassing moment. After which she grins and laughs about it while in a convertible with two other guys."

That "girl" was my band cum saxophone senior back in secondary school.

She is very attractive. Like, the "WOOOOW-WHEEE" kind.
As for who she is... she is the kind you either love or hate.

Sigh, she has great genes.

*** ***

About the talk with coach on sunday.

It's so odd.
Firstly, i don't even know what exact model of bow i am buying except that it is a PSE Supra...(something or other)
Secondly, i don't even know what colour it is and NEITHER does coach!
The dealer said it is, some colour model referred to as "Lightning".
WAS it EVEN Lightning?
I don't remember. But something related to a probably very colourful and messy design, maybe.

It's some super blind date.
I'm excited.

Simon poked at me and asked in mock anger and impatience, "JO! Where's your bow? When is it coming?"

Actually, i found out that it wasn't ALL mock.
Apparently they want to put me in to train as soon as possible.
Simon made it clear that i have to get cracking for competitions.

Coach dropped a tease about this coming september's 1st SEA Indoor Archery Championship.

He seems to be very sure that i will do fine in a few months time.

I thought it over and i think there's more to the things he says than it seems.
Methinks it's all to do with the athlete-and-coach psychology.

Talking to my dad (who was once a representative gymnast for ACS) about it, it confirms it a little.

Lame but nice anyway. I'm no longer a present ACSian, school-wise, but i am now in the ACS (Archery Club of Singapore).

It just reminds me of my alma matar and it feels good. Of course there's no association whatsoever.

I've gotten my membership/affiliation card!!!
It looks so nice, i wanna hang it around my neck 24/7.

*** ***

Went shopping yesterday.

Got me my new running shoes. My first New Balance shoes ever.
I've only ever used Converse, Nike and Reebok.
And of couse those china-china brand type when i was a kid. heh.

Got another pair of running shorts as well.

Shopping by myself reveals certain things about myself to myself.

It is TOO COMPLEX to explain.
The bottom line is simply: JO is a STRANGE and ECCENTRIC and SELF-CONSCIOUS person.

Am done.

Till Then.
*i'm quite tired of saying i'm waiting for my bow but... what to do.*

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