Monday, June 14, 2004

Generally feeling mellow.

1. Having some sort of throat problem. Been having this flu for 3 weeks or so now and have not recovered completely. Apparently, i am having an additional tonsil problem. Ow. Grr... Maybe i'm just being a stubborn old mule.
When i should be staying home, i go out for hours on end with the murderous intent of shredding coloured paper. Especially yellow.

2. This is what's dissing me most. I have been having a month of BAD shooting. (recurve) Prior to recently, hitting 8, 9, and 10 was not a problem at 18m. But now, i'm struggling to hit 8 and 7.
Do you know how frustrating that IS???!!!!??! It's like, you don't even know what on EARTH is wrong.
Everything is as normal but just WHAT is causing the misses?
It's so friggin' pissy. I hate it. I know my mental focus is there. Form was the same as before.
So why??? Has something so unnoticeable, even to me, taken place???
My heart aches.
What i am glad for is how each time, i am able to pick myself up mentally.
That is most important.
Form got problem, neh mind. That one can correct.
Mental strength is paramount.

3. Gotten almost all me stuff. All i need now to get my arrows.
Then i am ALL SET.
Am happy as i got a good arrow rest, stabilizer, quiver. Have come to accept my PSE bow and sight after clarification with coach.
I will do my best with all i have.
The only slight regret i have now... is... that i think i should've gotten a hard case.
That, will come later i guess. A hard case now is too expensive.
I now have to concentrate on saving up for my range fees!
Jo has to lead a frugal, monk-like lifestyle after this.

4. The nationals will be heading to Malaysia this wed. All the Best! Ha. Good. Can practice in peace. Maybe... too much peace.
Oh, and just because NUS is going to have their competition, the boards will be taken away. So, the field will be... picked clean.
Except for the warming and 18m, i think.
Sigh, i suck.

5. I have come to realize the not so nice side of the archery culture here. Blah. To think that i am going to be a part of it.
Not good.

I'm gone.

Till Then.
*going to the range later. WOO! Set up my bow.*

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