Sunday, June 27, 2004


I'd be enjoying shooting more if that bow didn't pull that stunt on me. *mumble*
Hopefully it'll be fine and dandy by afternoon and hopefully get my carbon arrows.
By the way, i have begun that weight training you suggested. But holding 2kg parallel to the ground for 5 minutes was impossible. I could only reach 50sec at the most.
Have broken it down to 30sec each time, and doing 3 sets. It helps quite a deal.
Ouch. But thanks.
Just to let you know. It was inevitable that those thoughts came to mind (at least to me). Kinda when you know of a time you were once attached to someone. So, when some bits of history come back to you, it's the kind of thoughts that run through your head. Oh, no emotional baggage. :-)

*** ***

It's like 1+am.
Won't be blogging later today (sun) as will be at the range for most part of the day.

So what am i doing up at this time? I rather dislike the fact that i have grown to avoid the sack till it's at least 12+am.
Bad, bad.

But i do feel the sacks around my eyes. Perhaps falling prey to gravity already.
I see them pretty clearly the next morning. Pretty hideous.
I notice it looks worse whenever i am at the pc before i sleep.

Well, have a good weekend people... For you nightbirds still surfing.
Ya gotta tell me how you keep those eyesacks at bay.

Bow, Stabiliser, Quiver, Finger Sling, Armguard, Trigger release, Pass, Sight, Scope, Belt, Stand, Booklet, Pencil.

I should've just picked up sprinting.

Till Then.

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