Thursday, June 24, 2004


Thanks sister. By the way, hope you had a good time yesterday. *nudge, nudge*
The shirt is a long sleeve one and looking at the heat and humidity these days... Hm.
Th design is kinda old too. Maybe i could try to do something...

*** ***

Ah, i deleted it and i feel better. Certain entries of mine look too irritating and bimbotic to bear.

I know i should keep 'em because after all, they are expressions of the moment, which is like... one of the whole main points.

Hm. Looks like if jo's happy, posts sound exactly the way i'd say it.
Do moody or normal-mode posts sound better?

Am hungry.
Feel like eating onions.

The crummy haze is back. Over here, it just looks cloudy.
Caught the smell of smoke yesterday but it looks none the worse, maybe slightly better today.
I wouldn't be surprised if parents say that by going shooting for hours, i'd clog up my lungs with particles and whatnot.

Heh. Particles... Parkikals.
Private joke, private joke.

*** ***

If i rewound my life back again to the period of the crossroads between poly and jc, would i have still chosen ACJC? Or simply gone on to do a biology related diploma?

On one hand, i think i might've done myself proud had i gone to poly.

The other, after tasting the ACS Spirit and getting to know the people i have, i wouldn't want to give it up for any other choice.

*** ***

I have completed the psych report and am lazing, blogging and playing er..., more Spider Solitaire, although these really are the last things i should be doing.

Have chapters to read up on.
Sex and Gender. Sounds interesting at first glance, but i cannot wait to finish skimming through it.
Consciousness. Abtract business.

Till Then.

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