Friday, July 02, 2004


You can sound busy even through your comment! Busy little bee. Xiuhui's birthday... Haha, the actual date, well, we can be sure THAT won't be available to us. *wink* I will ask her and see what she says.
I thought the blackout was quite exciting while it lasted. Ok, although Sg's international reputation has been said to be affected... (Well foreign investors, DON'T LOSE HOPE!!! Our infrastructure isn't as rotten as you think. Honest.)

I thought the blackout was exciting. Hehehehe. I'm weird. Was enjoying the unusual-ness of the whole thing and it was a perfect excuse to sit around.... and do nothin'! hehe.
Should get one of those battery operated fan thingys. Oh, did you know that there's ths table air-conditioner? Seriously! It's pretty cool.
Yep, influence comes in all kinds. If it's good... it'll benefit us. If bad then, perhaps we'll learn how to deal with it.

*** ***

Yesterday, I had someone scream bloody murder at me even though all i did was ask,
"Can i see the book?"

Screaming bloody murder = yelling/roaring pretty loudly, eyes wide and glaring, body language showing highly flustered state.
Pretty much like a high strung person having one chord snap.

And i was like...

Silence reigned for a few seconds...

Then, I LAUGHED SO HARD that my cup of milo joggled and i spilled some on the floor.

Jed came to lick up the spillage.

Was i insane?

I think i normally would've barked something back, like:
What have i done to you?! Why are you so rude?
But i just laughed.

I think it was just the morning. I wasn't feeling moody, or dissed, yet.
And most of all...

I found her outburst... Amusing.
That was the emotion that ran through my being after being yelled at.

Strange, we humans.
"People are Strange" - The Doors.
I am strange.

Thank God i didn't yell anything back in retaliation.
People who know me, would know that i have one hot temper, and a short fuse.

*** ***

Went for a gym workout this morning. The management finally decided to invest some money in the gym. After so many donkey years.
They ACTUALLY bought a Nautilus treadmill (quite a monstrous thing) and a Nautilus multi machine thingy.
Good stuff. It very much echoes what we had in ACJC gym.
Oh, the gym memories...

Haven't jogged in a while. I am pretty unfit. And a past knee injury doesn't make things easier.

*** ***

Going to have class tomorrow afternoon *crud* which means that i'll have to go to church on sunday carrying my arrows and i'll be in my archery garb.
Not very presentable, i must say.
True that i am there to praise God, so who cares what you wear. But it still bothers me.
What's more, we're having communion as well, that means going up to the alter.

Oh well.

I miss my bow. It's at the range stored along with the rest. I finally decided that carrying it back and forth, form west to northeast on public transport is no joke.
The stares i get make me feel like using fabric paint to write on the leather case:
"It's a COMPOUND BOW, in case you were wondering."

And then, it's so long that i always risk whacking it.
Not to mention heavy after a while.

Speaking of which.
I was on the bus to D.G. MRT station when it started getting SO crowded on the bus.
And it was only the beginning of Orchard.
I actually freaked and decided to get off and walk, barang and all.
All zee way down orchard. Boy, was it tiring.
I hate crowded buses, especially when carrying some cumbersome thing.

Spiderman... I am comin'.

Till Then.
*Totally hooked on archery. Perhaps it taps on my hunter-gatherer instincts. Heh.*

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