Monday, June 21, 2004

Feeling pinched.

Will you guys believe it.
My beloved compound bow croaked yesterday.
I am not sure if it was due to my dad's mishandling of it.
He wanted to try a couple of shots, WITHOUT the trigger (that didn't fit him).
It wasn't to his draw length and he used his bare hands to release the bowstring.
The improper balance and shock could've did it in. I'm not sure.
But well, don't want to point fingers.

The good thing that came out of the whole situation was, i seem to be back on track on the recurve after weeks of being in a slump.
Having nothing else to do since my bow couldn't be used, had to revert back to the club's recurves.

Strangely after the weight and challenge of the compound, mental frame was different and physical strength was up.
Was hitting 7,8,9 and 10s. (red and yellow)
Used to be hitting EVERYWHERE.
Yesterday wasn't perfect but definitely a huge improvement compared to the last month or so.
Had hit one 'X' as well!!! (the innermost circle with an 'X' situated in the centre)
To help you figure out what on Earth i am rambling about.

The target sheet i printed out. Measurements/dimensions are NOT accurate, does not adhere to FITA standards. For aiming practice only. Posted by Hello

I hope i can keep this up.
But i think doing the weights i have plus practising with the compound for about an hour helped with bow arm stability.

Feeling pretty heartbroken about the bow. All i can do is wait for coach to return and pass it over to him to tinker.

*** ***

I never thought i'd be saying this but yeah.
Possessing a good command of mandarin is SO IMPORTANT.

When people who only know mandarin approach me for help, i feel SO handicapped because my vocabulary is so limited.
That hampers both my own speech as well as understanding what THEY are saying.
Here i am, supposedly educated, having had all the help i needed in school and at home to learn and hopefully be sufficiently fluent in mandarin.
But i still fail to master quite a lot of everyday mandarin.

Tell me.
What went wrong?

- The strokes never really made much sense to me.

- I think i have mandarin-rejecting genes.
Or maybe, language-rejecting genes... I've noticed that my standard of expression in english is going down the hole as well.

- Mandarin wasn't a language often used at home. My dad... Is an ACS boy. Enough said. (haha)
My mom, well, she's better at chinese dialects. Educated across the causeway and in the UK, she never studied mandarin.

- In school, i think we had to learn quite a lot of useless mandarin phrases. Leave those to the ones with the flair for the language. For those who are poor at it, show no interst, etc., the education system should aim to instead empower us with a working command of mandarin and not with flowery expressions we don't need.
In everyday life, we don't exactly have time to exchange such phrases. Unless you're at some place where it's inevitable.

So you see. I mourn the fact that i dislike and don't use the language though its importance is on the uprise.
The truth of the elders' words are coming to past.

*** ***

Pretty much how i feel like now. Curled up into a small ball. And all the usual associations with curling into a small ball. Posted by Hello

*** ***

Good Day.
I have plenty work to do. :-)
A thematic analysis on an interview anyone?

Till Then.
*On return... Forget me*

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