Monday, June 14, 2004

Back. And Sane.

Haha, dear sister. Archery is a sport that trains almost your whole body. But in particular, it trains your back muscles, arms, etc. Basically, the upperbody is the one taking the bulk of it. Well, you won't know whether it is suitable for you until you try it. Some people don't like it, some people do. Erm, as far as i know. Nope, it does not train your palms in particular but your hands are of paramount importance of course. Everything just comes into play. The whole body works. But the upper body is the key.

*beams* Yup. My Preh-ciiousss...........
*eyes fix on bow and longing fills the heart*
LOTR parallel.

*** ***

Righty. I deleted the previous two posts because i thought it was such a waste of... space.
Practicality overruled sentimentality.

So the summary of what happened over the weekend was just:

Saturday: Awoke from a nap because of coach's call on the assembled bow. Couldn't sleep much that same night. About 3 hours of sleep.
Sunday: Went down to practice and collect my bow.

*** ***

Ok, so you might ask. Where are those pictures you promised?





Never mind. I am hoping it's just some temporary error thing that will fix itself.
*i HOPE*

Am going to get the rest of my equipment with coach later. I dread the outing.
But it's going to be interesting.... For reasons i can't say.

Annoyed with computer. I really am.

I know other people aren't as fortunate as i already am, but i cannot help but gripe since i am surrounded by very advanced technology which i can't get my hands on!

Am using a P3, Win Me.
My laptop is slow, zaps me when i am not careful, hangs and freezes when it can't take the load, restarts at will...
It is also a hand-me-down.
Let me add, a spoilt hand-me-down that was resurrected by my super engineer: Dad.

I always get hand-me-downs. So everytime something messes up, it's as if i caused the problem and computers hate me.
(which i wouldn't be surprised about anyway. But i am always nice to my printer...
I do pat it and say "thank you", sometimes.)
Ok, so i'm loony. Like i didn't know.

I do stupid things like,
I go to the library TO RETURN BOOKS. And then, i forget to bring the books. Good thing it wasn't too late.

Done a number of other stupid things...
TOo many to remember.
I think next time, people might be saying to their kids,

"Don't be a Joline!"

You know, like being likened to a descriptive noun like, "Idiot" or something.


Ok, i can feel my post going off into the wilderness of rambling nonsense so i shall cease.

Till Then.
*Peers at computer in hope that it'll work*

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