Thursday, June 10, 2004

Mundania 2

A tribute to Mr Lenn Wei Ling who left behind a legacy. (No, he's still around, in case you were wondering) I hope you do see the pun. Posted by Hello

To date, we have this road sign and "Wan Way". Ah yes, another pun.
I love ACJC.

*** ***

The shoes were originally $109, but because of a discount, they were $80+.
Hm... when i saw it, i knew i liked it and if i were to get anything, THAT was what it was going to be. It's gray in colour... Nothing much else to describe it. Might post a picture the next time, maybe.
My sister says it looks very ordinary. True... I don't have exquisite or extraordinary taste but yeah... It looks just fine and dandy to me.

*** ***

Sieved through some old entries to find that comments left in my boxes have mysteriously disappeared... Is it something i missed in the terms and conditions or did i hit a wrong button some time in history. HM...

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I happily finished off my work load yesterday and bounded off to watch Shrek 2.

1. I think the graphics and animation were good. Of course the "calafare" characters were a little less animated but overall, it was real pretty.

2. There was SO much intricate detail in the features of the characters and background that it was a blow by blow assault on the senses. Funny how i pay little attention to details of REAL people but pay so much attention to details of animations. Kinda odd right. Perhaps i am taking real details for granted. But seeing it reflected in an "unreal" situation makes one appreciate it more.

3. There were SO many funny bits but i can't remember! Saturation. Too much of it to assimilate. The only one i distinctly remember was the part: when Pinocchio became a real boy while soaring across the screen in mid air and then being zapped back again.
That was hilarious.

4. I found the show actually a bit on the adultish side.

5. There were so many #@$%%%^^& kids in the theatre. And for those of you who know me... Kids... are just not my thing.
There was this instance during the show when normal dialogue was being carried out (no jokes whatsoever, so no reason why there should be much noise) but the kids were making so much noise, i couldn't hear, so in my intolerance, i unleashed a loud "SHHHHHHH!!!"
I never ever do this kind of thing but, really. Yesterday just did it for me.
Kids should be taught how to behave in public, and especially so when in places where silence is preferred. And so, if them parents don't tell 'em, i will.

6. While watching the end bit when Shrek fights for Fiona with all his life... Man... i began to wish i had someone...

7. I loved Puss's accent (GO ANTONIO!) and his expressive cat eyes.

*** ***

Decided that since i was out, i went to SAFRA to get some archery equipment. Like, FINALLY.
- quiver
- peepsight
- kisser button
- armguard
- bow stand

Cost me $139.

After talking to Mr DM, i feel even more depressed about my bow and sight purchase.
He strongly believes in Mathews bows and the Sure-Loc Supreme (top end stuff). He was the one who set up the equipment for the national team.
Which is why NONE of them use a PSE.
Some consider PSEs as inferior.

While i on the other hand, bought a PSE and Sure-Loc Challenger. He had this awfully disappointed face.
Almost SAD for me.
(by the way, he's NOT the one i was talking about yesterday. Mr DM is MUCH nicer)

I trusted my coach and well... A difference in opinion resulted. And i just happen to be the first one, or first few, caught in between the old and new "paradigm".
Coach only entered the Singapore archery scene in Feb.
So you see. While everyone else was under another influence, i happen to fall under the new coach. Hence.

Well, it's true that not-so-good bows hinder progress. But i think that is pretty much true only when the bow REALLY sucks.
I have yet to meet my bow so i don't have anything to say.

But what i can say is, i'll show them what i CAN do, with WHATEVER i have.

*** ***

My relatives from across the causeway are coming over on friday till sunday.
Guess i won't get any or much chance to blog then.

Till Then.
*My quiver sits, awaiting sunday*

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