Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Thanks so much sister...
Well, yes, i guess i am feeling better than i did yesterday.
Flu's still around but am reaching the end stages. The crazy coughing bit.
Ah, you can see it in Jed too. The Rascal, he is. He's SOOO CUTE RIGHT??? Ha, sorry. So thick skin but man... he's crazy. Just like me. His cuteness has saved him countless times.
Hope to post more pictures of him. He is my baby(living).
Coach still hasn't called! *hmm....*

Yes, it is a part of my bow. Just that it doesn't come with the bow. Part of the accessories. But i think it's quite dumb to call it an accessory since it is an essential. (Unless u shoot bare bow compound... If so, GOOD LUCK!) Haha, anyway. Sorry, i am spouting nonsense.
Jed is 1+ years old. Time really flies, doesn't it?
Well, he's not big actually. If u look at him and my bed, you can see that he only takes up part of the corner.

A painting i did in either secondary 3 or 4. Very crude, kinda toothless (if u notice).  Posted by Hello

Couldn't get a sharp focus on the eye..  Posted by Hello

Kinda how i feel inside.
A red kind of emotion within.
You know how sometimes you can think in colour?

But am trying to give it up to God.

Till Then.
*Rousseau and David*

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