Friday, June 18, 2004

Noh pizzah cake

I typed a reply twice, and twice i deleted it because i was going to say something that we already know the solution to.
It is all in the faith. The crux of the whole thing.
And then again, faith...
Whoops, there i go again. Think i'll just leave it as it is or i'll never stop typing and deleting, over and over. :-D

*** ***

I took the pains to create my own target sheet on powerpoint, therefore it's kinda small (A4).
I stuck it on the furthest end of my room.
Good for self practice though I know i'm not suppose to draw my bow without an arrow. But then how else can i practice the procedure and get used to the weight?
I am hoping what i printed out is smaller than the FITA standards, so that i am actually pushing my limits.

Anyway seriously.
I can see that the road to success (if i want it bad) in archery is going to be gruelling and definitely no bed of roses.
I can foresee a huge dollop of the effort and pain of tough training for physical and mental strength coming my way.

Not that i didn't know that was going to be it, but I think before i got my bow, things were still surreal-ish and dreamlike to me.
The reality of it struck me today.

As you aim, there are SO many things to check.
Posture, alignment, target, kisser button, tension.

By the time you make sure everything is right, your arm is trembling.
As a result, the target centre isn't in focus anymore.

My bow... is HEAVY!

The scope does 2 things:
1. make the target bigger.
2. make it harder to aim. why? Every slight movement puts the target centre out of focus.

The test will come on sunday. At least the team, president and coach wouldn't be around and i will have the range to the other regulars and myself.

And i'll show _____ that i am not to be looked down upon.

Sure, i may not be delivering now.
But just wait.

Till Then.
*Grim... determination*

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