Tuesday, June 15, 2004

AH! It is Done.

And YES! The computer problem solved itself overnight!

Thank God...
Ok, so here are the pictures. Couldn't help but snap some of Jed too.

I tried the pre-draw and then drawing it.
Man... It's not easy.
The whole weight was being dumped on my left arm.
It has been set at 33 pounds. I think that's about 15kg? Not sure. I think it's a bit much for now. Might have to tune it down.
At times like this, i thank God that i am bigger built then most girls.

So there we are. I am wondering if i should name it Gary.

Bow with bow sight attached Posted by Hello

Bow with: sight, scope and stabilizer Posted by Hello

*sheepish* Posted by Hello

Not that you can see his face... But that's his favourite perch. Where he contemplates... Posted by Hello

Another picture. The scope is visible now.  Posted by Hello

Plan view. Was standing on bed to take this one, trying to fit the stabilizer in. Posted by Hello

As promised.


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