Saturday, April 30, 2005


No longer living in secrecy, behind a mask. No more pretending. No more hoping.
Because it's in the open.

Because it's all there.
Believe it.

Isn't the truth beautiful?

*** ***

And that echoes... in my salvation in Jesus as well.

The truth is there right before you. His love is right there.
Just waiting for you. For you.

It's free. All you need to do is open a sincere heart and welcome the Lord.

There is nothing to lose when you embrace His love, His protection, His everlasting promises.
Take it, hold it, know it.

He'll be your eternal friend, and father. For all time.

Though the turbulences of life can be relentless, cruel, angry, heart wrenching...

When you let Him hold you for the rest of your life, there is nothing to fear. Your future, your destiny, is already decided.

I can testify that the God i know is real. And you can only find him through Jesus.

Though I have no particularly huge way to tell you of the things i have experienced, the little things in my life that God has done has accumulated and shown me that He Lives.

I've heard of the testimonies, spoken with boldness and firm trust in the Lord, from trusted friends and I know I can see God's hand at work in them.
And they shine... With such beauty. :-)

I used to doubt, question, and sway. For all those years, my faith was largely infantile.

But those days are gone. I've moved on. To solid ground.

It is my heart's desire that one day, you will too.
And in time to come, we will rejoice together.

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