Saturday, April 16, 2005

and he left.

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I didn't know him as a personal friend, but i remember those times when my classmate and i would be having to mark his general paper test paper every now and then during GP lessons, in ACJC.

And we both would be laughing our posteriors off at remarkably funny answers he puts when he doesn't write the correct answer in the blank.

I didn't know him by face, but i knew him by name.

I read his blog, always anticipating those hilarious posts. Liberal with his expression and hilarious, when he points out the dysfunctional side to things in life.

Reading someone's blog is like having the person speak to you, defying time and space.

But now that he is gone, that earthly defying no longer holds.

Hearing of his sudden passing came as a shock. A bike accident, it was.

The whole darn thing is surreal. That this person who was so full of life, so full of wit, so loud... Is actually gone from this place.
It was too odd that in the last post, just before he died, he mentioned about wanting to get a new bike.
He is never going to get to ride his new bike.

His death is so sudden, it is almost rude.

Whenever i see his blog address and when i click on the link knowing full well what awaits...
It's like he has never left... since his last post was written quite recently.

But as the days pass, his last blog entry will remain... at that date. And it won't be changing.
He won't be updating anymore.
And the reality of his passing, will hit you painfully.

Like a friend mentioned about his friend's blog: "His ORD counter will keep going on... (count down to his ORD date)"

But he no longer will see the light of that day. Not on this Earth.

There is a lot i want to say about this.

But my head is in a jumble.

Although we don't know each other... Alfian, it's really sad that you've left.

*** ***

While going through some of the papers from days past, i also found out that a relative of a family church friend died in a bike accident too. Goh Jingwei, is his name.

I felt a chill come over me when picturing what he went through. Losing control of his bike, getting flung off and then getting mauled by a bus.
All this just moments before reaching his home.

People... Please take care of yourselves. I don't care if you travel by bike, car, bicycle, lorry, pick-up or afoot.
Please. Please... Don't take risks.

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