Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My mom used to tell me... (warning: bo liao-fied post) Edited.

that we might have some Japanese blood.


Not that i really believe her because of some time frame mismatches.

Nevertheless, my mom looks Japanese and even had people ask her if she was.
Plus, she had people SPEAK to her in Japanese. By mistake.

Oh, how nice.

Not that i want to make fun of my momma because i respect her, but i gotta admit that when she goes out sometimes, she looks like some Japanese tourist. Honest, i promise.
Somehow, this strange Japanese tourist dress sense pops out and to say the least, i feel... embarrassed.

The passe, on-the-long-side white socks with her track shoes, fair skin, funny all around brim hat (fisherman/archer's hat?)
All she needs to complete the ensemble is a Nikon camera slung around her neck.

And so, in true "like mom like daughter" fashion, Gah... recently, i had a strange bout of craving for Japanese food!

Make no mistake! It's uncooked, packet Chawanmushi. Posted by Hello

Current Fixation. This is powdered green tea with milk, which you either add cold or hot water to. A pretty nice concoction if i may say so. It smells like green tea ice cream. Uhm! Uhm! Posted by Hello

Like i said. This is really bo liao ok?

I told myself: if you got nothing to blog about, DON'T.
But i don't often listen to myself. Gee.

Feeling under accomplished. I was at the gym and i wish that that lady had NOTICED me looking at the treadmill in all my unabashed longing.

This was the same lady who brought a child down to the gym (hello? GROSSLY UNDERAGED OK!?) and made her play by herself while she treadmilled away.
And i don't think that child's play should include viciously kicking the exercise ball.

And then there was this other lady. Champion already.

Ok, in our gym, there're 2 treadmills. Apparently, that day, one of them had a "Temporarily Out of Order" sign on it. Any normal human being who can read english and comprehend its meaning would know that it should not be used lest it explodes.

okok, not explode lah, but you know, you might further spoil it.

But this superb lady came in and used it anyway.
And mind you, the perfectly fine, other treadmill wasn't in use.

She REMOVED the sign and began pressing the buttons to start up.
I suspect that the machine wasn't really spoilt but rather was on maintenance.


On the other hand, i should thank her because this means new machines. And new is good. That's how we got a spanking NEW NAUTILUS Multi Station one. ME LURVE MUCH.

But i, the civil, the understanding, the all accepting and all loving Being shall be quick to concede that maybe:

- she doesn't know how to use the other one
- she cannot read english.
- she is used to the usual routine and anywhere out of that, her brain would burst from over exertion.
- she just... has a healthy/unhealthy obsession with the Cateye treadmill
- she sees Sadako on the other treadmill.
- and maybe more that i, the NOT all knowing however, have not thought of.

HOWEVER, if she is perfectly "normal" by any standards, then all i can say to people like these is that...:

You people ought to be shot.

*** ***


I am addicted to mr brown and all his brown-ed subjects. They are seriously wickedly funny.
AH! Humour i finally appreciate.
Though the reads come liberally littered with profanities. (but not so much mrbrown though)

Listening to: The Titanic OST
(i know... like, "hur?!")

Don't know, i just decided to pick it up and take a listen. You see, i bought the CD in secondary school but only paid attention to Track 14. (yes, yes, the Celine Dion song)
So, the instrumental bits went unnoticed. But well, now the opposite is true.

Yay, orchestral music.

Till Then.
*looks like my NUA week is not quite... in order* *pout* :<

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