Sunday, April 17, 2005

blearghh. (edited)

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*** ***

Who would've thought that after you turn off your computer for the day/that moment after you blog, it actually becomes your last?

Who would ever think that your time on Earth would end tomorrow and who would've ever anticipated: i'm gonna/might die tomorrow.

We live our lives as we would every other day.
We're so used to having tomorrow come day after day, that we think it has become a "norm".

But who's to say that seeing all of tomorrow is a norm?

*** ***

There was a whole barrage of stuff i typed out but i really wasn't sure if it was appropriate for all readers. Hm...

So, private, it shall remain until maybe the next time i feel that i am absolutely convicted to publish it.

*** ***

It's so weird when you feel a certain way about something but shun and shield away from the very same thing.

Which is a totally opposite way to react! If you want something, you go after it.

In this case, i feel strongly about it.
BUT, i fear it, i run away and i repress and repress.

Bad, run away. Good also run away.


I think... i have decided, for now, to keep it to myself.
There. I have thus lost the battle. He shall never know.

Uhm... Hm... Err... Uh...
Dang, have i decided or not.

Only time will tell.

It has been blissful, but you do not see it.
I might've treated you as normally as it gets.
It might look like i don't feel anything, but that's just...
A protective mechanism.

Oh, if only you knew.

Till Then.
*to not see you when the world has passed... is a nightmare*

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