Sunday, April 03, 2005


When there was this big brouhaha about China rising up to become another superpower, there was this rush to go back to studying Mandarin.
And i thought i had heard the last of it in JC... But No...

"See lah? Never learn your Mandarin properly. Now, you see? China is coming up. How to get job if you cannot speak Mandarin?"

So now India is rising too leh. How now brown *ow?
Shall i go troop myself off to learn their various mother tongues too?

*** ***

I MUST poke fun at the Miss Singapore Universe Pageant.

I think i can make big bucks if i come up with the VERY FIRST OF ITS KIND:
"Miss Singapore Universe Questions--THE TEN YEAR SERIES."

*muaha hahahaa*

I was watching the top ten finalists answer their questions and not only do i think that the questions they were given were HOPELESSLY LAME AND SO UNINTELLIGENT, they seem to be suspiciously... recycled.

So much for creativity.

Well, if the finalists were so scared, serious and brain frozen, ok, i don't fully blame them if they came up with equally lame and unintelligent answers.

For the other 5% reason that i am laughing at them for, they could at least give some smart aleck, off kilter quip to balance out a lousy question.

I laughed out loud whe one of them answered EXACTLY AS IF someone was asking her to name all the ministers in our cabinet, or as if someone was asking her what a mitochondria is and what it functions as.

Sorry. I. Must. Poke. Fun. At. Money. Wasting. Pageants.

If you noticed. This year, the girls ALL HAVE THIS STEREOTYPICAL BEAUTIFUL LOOK.
(not a totally bad thing of course. aye, a friend of mine was a finalist ok... and i have to say that she IS beauiful.)

Last year everyone was complaining that the girls all looked like "aunties", "ah lians" and other rather unflattering forms of existence.

But i would say that they at LEAST "celebrated" beauty that comes in different forms. Though they may not look like your usual on-screen hottie, they were beautiful, albeit in the unstereotyped way.

But THIS YEAR... They all look like they are sisters from a humongous family from some distant farm where large families are favoured.

Anyway, i think our winner this year is beautiful lah. I think... she's a vet? FWAH!
If i'm not wrong about that, she gets MY VOTE!

What's more. I thought the filming of the last bit was so... hopeless. Did you notice how anti-climax the ending was?
When she was crowned and walked off after receiving the goodies (ie, flowers, crown and little plastic/glass/crystal thingy), the camera DIDN'T EVEN TRAIL AFTER HER.

Usually, there would be this glorified catwalk that the winner will do across the stage you know?

Complete with the hand waving and frozen stiff smile, and everyone's eyes and attention will be upon her, including the home viewers'. But no...

She simply walked right off the field. Like... DOH?! And the show itself ended so abruptly. There wasn't enough crying, bitching, kissing, zooming in on the winner, zooming in on Sandy Chua...

Ah, then again. Watching the news on time is a better option.

Oh, and if the winner is reading this... Can i have your Canon camera? Pretty please? I did say that you are beautiful! And i would go so far as to say (honestly too!) that you remind me of FANN WONG! WOO!


HOW COME SINGAPORE GOT NO MANHUNT ONE HAR? (ok lah, but got Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor but... OEI! Show us the beefcakes leh.)


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