Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Devotion defined.

On the rare occasion that i've taken the time to read the papers, i came across this:

The Straits Times, Life! Section, 27 April '05, page 3.

His 30 minute Rule

(Mr Robert Yeo, 84, talks about taking care of his wife, 82, who cannot see and is bedridden)

His relative says of him:
... " He's a one man show. He never complains. The minute she calls "Bert", he'll be there next to her."...

"Asked if he ever feels burnt out or worries about the future, he says, "My greatest joy is taking care of her. I don't worry about tomorrow. We'll just take everything in our stride". "

Can everyone say "Give the Man a..." wait ah. *thinks*
"Give the man Brands Essence of Chicken!!!"

I salute him. Thank God for people like him on this planet, that gives me some hope that not all men are scum.

But then, he's 84. A bit too ancient for me hor, donch you think.

But it also serves to challenge me. If anything should happen to my spouse and he becomes unable to move and function by himself without aid... By God's grace and strength, i'll be able to be just like Mr Robert Yeo.
Serving with deep love, devotion and selflessness. Just like Jesus.


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