Thursday, April 28, 2005

No way.

I am dead set against pre-marital sex.
I hear what has been said, but despite that, i will never condone what the world has to say to defend it.

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I hate it how Haloscan gets rid of comments from old posts although people did leave comments. :-(
Now i cannot read what they said. Ah, you know how you can get new insight even from reading old sources?
(it's a Mandarin Chen Yu ok!)

Sometimes, the comments are still there, but a nice oval ZERO takes the place of the number that is suppose to be there. So, one might think that there're no comments at all.

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There's something that i'm always obsessing over. And i know that it stems from my past.

It's always this:
Can we really communicate well? Do we clique? Can i truly be myself in front of the person without inhibitions?

I know that i have lost some of that honesty. I restrict myself a lot, i hide a lot, i pretend.

And at the end, i think people don't see me for who i really am. And when i do start expressing my inner self, they would probably think that i've changed into someone they don't know.

And wondered why they even bothered with me to begin with.

Why can't i cut the ghostly strings and live in freedom?Posted by Hello

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