Thursday, April 07, 2005

wishful thinking? (edited)

Your dating personality profile:

Religious - Faith matters to you. It is the foundation that you build your life upon. You trust that God has a plan for you.
Athletic - Physical fitness is one of your priorities. You find the time to work athletic pursuits into your schedule. You enjoy being active.
Conservative - You take a conservative stance on most issues and aren't shy about saying so. Your political views are an important component of who you are.
Your date match profile:

Practical - You are drawn to people who are sensible and smart. Flashy, materialistic people turn you off. You appreciate the simpler side of living.
Traditional - You need someone who is a bit old-fashioned. A person with traditional values and beliefs will perfectly compliment your lifestyle.
Athletic - You aren't looking for a couch potato. You seek someone who is active and who keeps her body in top shape.
Your Top Ten Traits

1. Religious
2. Athletic
3. Conservative
4. Adventurous
5. Wealthy/Ambitious
6. Traditional
7. Practical
8. Intellectual
9. Big-Hearted
10. Funny
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Practical
2. Traditional
3. Athletic
4. Big-Hearted
5. Religious
6. Adventurous
7. Outgoing
8. Intellectual
9. Conservative
10. Sensual

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*** ***

They sure got some things right. Religious (!!!), Practical, Traditional (!!!), Intellectual (!!!), Athletic(!!!) and... Sensual (:D!!!). *hoo hoo*

Nevertheless, I don't know if it's me, but do i smell a rat running around this test thing?

I am curious to know as to how they come up with this "match".

Question: why throw in this "big-hearted" thing. Odd.

*** ***

The little moth didn't know what it wanted. It flew around, transiently as it usually does, landing softly and betraying as it left.
It didn't look like it'd find its true destination.

And well, since it was a moth and moth's don't change. What was a moth to do?
Transiently fly around.

The little loser.

*** ***

Till Then.
*jia you! not in my strength but in Yours*

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