Sunday, May 01, 2005


STRUCK by the faithfulness of God..., that i told myself that i was GOING TO SHARE THIS WITH ALL OF YOU WHOM I LOVE...

Wasn't so much the topic itself, but it was the sure and steadfast demonstration of how God can work so powerfully in your life.

The sermon certainly kept me riveted. If you're interested, click HERE.

Once you've reached the page, go to the left hand side that says "Sermons Online", look for and click on "Money and Possessions" by Joseph Chean, on the 23 April 2005.

He tells a lot of anecdotes and it really spoke of how God guides him in his life.

If you have the time, take a listen!

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While checking through some stuff, i came across Hippiho's comment on the absence of my dwarf hammies. (well, technically, they are my sister's)

I missed the comment out because the post had already been "pushed off" the active screen.

I shall post pictures of them soon. Been trying to take nice shots of them but somehow, it didn't come out showing how cute they really are.

Not photogenic maybe. Even the Mini Me fruits were way cuter.

*** ***

Oooooh myyyy headdd.................................

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