Tuesday, April 05, 2005

one down

Haloscan is not behaving at the moment. Not registering comments when there are, it is.

*** ***


*flashes a frenzied 'V sign' on each hand and dances around and around the dining table*

One essay down! I haven't done my editing yet. Which might later on prove to be slightly more daunting than just taking words off. But still...
I am free to start on the next essay.


I regret sitting down in front of the telly for 10 minutes when the Korean drama serial that my mom is watching is on.
Drat. I find myself sneaking looks and listening in on the dialogue even when it's in MANDARIN.

Give the girl a cranberry drink, won't cha.

*** ***

Once i settle these essays, i am going to get me a new pair of ring earrings, since Jed took the liberty to chew one side from the old pair i had.
But i am still going to go asymmetrical. :-) I prefer not wearing the same earring on both sides.

And hopefully, i can get a nice crucifix necklace too while i am at it.

(somehow, "nice" and "crucifix" don't quite *sound* like they fit together nice and cushy next to each other, though i know that the cross is indeed a wonderful thing. I guess it just reminds me of lynching any generic someone and that is not nice. ah, anyhoo.)

Oh and i am going to make 100% sure that i treat myself to an omnimax theatre show next week. And no one, i repeat no one (glances meaningfully at her) is going to stop me.

Ah... the reliving of primary school memories.
Now... if i can just make sure i get to the right place.

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