Thursday, April 07, 2005

one undying love.

As a kid, i used to pick up tunes from others, think up of melodies (sometimes, i'd fit words in them), and figure out the notes on the piano. I knew my parents used to be happy about that because at one time, i was tinkling away and i hadn't had lessons yet.

But i never really did anything fanciful or avant-garde. Heh.

Music has always been something i can identify with, something, i never grew out of. Though i might go through a time of not banging on the keys, the pulse is always there inside.
Music is something i always return to and i'm glad that i have my piano readily available, at my fingertips. (literally. *grin*)

I'm no Abigail Sin, but i am sure i incline more towards the musical side than i do academics.

Learning new chords at keyboard lessons and i am eeee--laaay--teerdd...

Finally learning those chords that i so often hear at service but never really got to play.

I just love it when i am going through a song and i happen to play something "wrong". And so i hit the "wrong" key but it ends up sounding really good.

I hear music. Playing in my head.
Jazzy music, notes... unfolding themselves in my head.
But i can't seem to reproduce them out on the piano! Urgh. Frustrating.

The only thing that separates me from composing is the know how and that extra skillful spark.

I used to be able to hear orcheatra/band kind of music playing in my head, yes, own compositions. I can hear the different parts that the different sections play.
I've never reproduced them and i don't hear it anymore.
Guess it's because band music isn't making itself known to me at the moment in my life though i still am a sucker for it.

If i wanted though, i think all i'll need is a little quiet space to close my eyes and feel... And i think it'll slowly return.

I miss those days. Hmm... My alto saxophone. I misss you...

*** ***

One of these days, i am going to give in to the call and drown my hair in colour chemicals.


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