Monday, April 25, 2005

things one says when procrastinating a report

Every time my eyes rest on the picture of the polar bears, especially the bigger one, my mind brings me to a time and place where i can feel myself patting the giant creature on its big and fleshy furry rump.

At times, when Jed and i lock gazes, i feel as if he is about to open his mouth and suddenly speak in audible human language. Suddenly, i would see his doggy mouth forming words that humans understand.

I get that sometimes when i bath him. As if when circumstances get too demanding (Jed, it's JUST a bath!) he would break his vow not to speak. And speak, he does.

But then, what makes me think that animals must reply in a human language. How snobbish of me.

We snuggled together in bed this morning and/or afternoon and because of that, i refused to get up.
Think of how you would hug a soft toy to bed while lying on your side. Done?
Well, that was how he was cuddled against me. I so wanted to take a photo but, garn, i couldn't move and my phone was already outta battery.

It just striked me again, of how two completely different forms of existences can live in such close proximity and form such close, tight bonds with one another.

Dog. Human. So different in form and dimension, but both have the ability to forge deep and meaningful attachments to each other.

Da and Ma went trekking! And they brought back some... er... Souvenirs.
Courtesy of Mother Nature.

Mini Me(s)! Perched on Mr normal-sized-Stapler-for-scale, we have Mini-Me-Rambutan! And there in all spiky glory, we have Mini-Me-Durian! Posted by Hello


I am VERY tempted to photoshop the rambutan and add flailing arms and legs.
"It looks like a Koosh Ball." -Sister
My thoughts exactly.

(actually. It looked like a Koosh Ball YESTERDAY. It just looks... blackened and a little dead today. As featured right here.)

My sister declares that, "Hey, we've got a miniature pinscher (Jed), dwarf hamsters and now these... (Mini Me fruits)"
What a strange trend. Bah. Sadly, i don't think either of us can be considered anywhere near miniature... in a way that we might like.

Slim, slender, toned... *pout* No where near that.
Ah, neh mind. I am Jojo Sinclair redefined. *ahem, cough* Right. *choke*

Kinda reminds me of the time when we went to visit the "Shetland Farm". Where miniature horses ruled!

If anyone cannot really comprehend the mini-ness of the fruits because of the way i took the photo, let me know. I'll try to find another way to show you.


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