Friday, April 22, 2005

Hooooo Boy Howdy!

I have found out that you can get a stroke by straining, when, er, you are doing your business in the loo. This is not a joke ok. I'm serious. So... eat healthily and poo regularly!

*** ***

I need:

- a club (erm... the type that you hit people with)
- an oxygen tank
- weights that weigh 1 ton... to tie to my feet and arms (add a straitjacket too while we're at it)
- a "thoughts grabber" to keep my mind in focus
- ice packs. lots of it.
- a slap, many pinches, and a "clonk!" from that club i spoke of...

I cannot stop grinning.
But there's something, something very important, that bothers me too.

Oh Lord, my Father.
You are MY ALL, and there is nothing else i want to do more than to follow You alone and Your will for me.

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