Tuesday, April 19, 2005

midnight tom yam craving *.* (updated)

Hmpf. One of those dry periods. heehee.

Anyway. I wish I could just have a PURE one week break. My work is never ending, i am drowning.
I guess i am paying for the 4 month break i had. But golly, the pace is driving me nuts now. I am not keeping up with the usual expectations.

I need to plan my time better, stop procrastinating, blog less, pray before i start my work.

Not sure if it's me or my workout, but i think my body needs to be shocked into an intense exercise stint.
The running isn't scoring much and swimming is... Is... Ok, that part is complicated.

*** ***

OmniMax oh here i come,
Here i come, Yes it's me!
OmniMax oh here i come,
Cos I wassa good girl today!

(to the tune of "This is the Way i ... Early in the morning!!!")

All right, all right, my primary school memories are coming back and influencing my otherwise dignified and graceful self.


*jo grabs her colourful sling-across-the-chest-type of-water-bottle, ties hair in two pig tails and prances off to the Science Centre, complete with a silly grin*

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