Tuesday, April 26, 2005

some not-so-old photos

Yeap. Hadta get rid of the photos that were taking up memory in the digital camera.

Square Rose Posted by Hello

I like the way how MOST of the wall surfaces are actually the same shade of colour but because of the existence and absence of light here and there, different shades are created. It gives some colour tonal variation.
Because it's a stairwell, there's a kind of layered format so it reminds me of the layers of rose petals. :-) And so that makes me stare into the very heart of the "flower".

Clarity Posted by Hello

You should've seen how the bright sunlight made the edges of the cloud stand out so starkly. Every curve, every tip, every twist was highlighted. Absolutely spellbinding.
The blueness of the sky shocked my senses and i loved how the rays came out too...
Oh, you should've seen it.
The photo does no justice to it whatsoever.

*Sighs wistfully*.

I love sky gazing. I love the sky's every season.
But if i have to pick a favourite... ERrrr. Argh, i can't. I love them all.

To narrow it down, i'd have to say: a clear night sky, sunrises and sunsets.

But only by virtue of the fact that...

I am a romantic (who.. at the same time is skeptical of/gets squirmish about, romance. Weird and contradictory, i know.)
and a melancholic (there's something painfully sad to me, about sunsets.)

Night follows and i love the night. I love the quietness, the air, the strange enfolding and darkness.

... that sunsets touch me in an intangible way.

But this is not to say that i enjoy sunrises any less or that they are inferior in beauty (*meaningful glance*).
Each are seen and felt in different contexts. And the sad one happens to tweak its way into my weird nature.

Almost 4am. Just a lil wee bit more before i crash.

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