Thursday, April 14, 2005

*ZZ, ZZ.*

you again?
aye? It's not...? then?

Talk about elation duddette...

*** ***

I had the first worship band practice last night.
One verdict: I am going to buy ear plugs. PRONTO.

And i hear (WOW I CAN STILL HEAR!) that that wasn't considered loud already. The other drummer (our own band drummer. the one last night was standing in for someone) is the one who's going to deafen us before our time to get "rightfully" deaf.

*whimper* I'm still young and my ears have a lot of future! :<

And, MAN!!! Those people are TALENTED.
I can just go on and on about each of their strong points. :-DDDDD
Well done, you guys!
And the entertainment was good too. Muah hahahaa.

Oh, and since the other keyboardist wasn't around, i had the chance to tinkle along with the band. Yay...
But i guess it won't always be that way.

I couldn't hear myself on the synthesizer but i could faintly hear myself on the digital piano. (because i was closer to the amplifier, DUH.)
I tell you, drums and guitars overrule everything else.

I don't know how a synthesizer adds to the dynamics lor, so i just played as i saw fit.

But always willing to learn of course. Man, i am going to need to buy/borrow a lot more Christian music to get the hang of the rhythm, background sounds and yada yada ya.


Oh, and ear plugs.

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