Wednesday, April 20, 2005

creature comfort

Always wanted a bean bag to lounge around in while reading a book or simply just for nuaing purposes.
You know, sink into something grainy and hard against the muscles, almost like it were a little massage. *uhmm*

And so it is said that there is a bean bag store over in Eastpoint Mall and Park Mall.

I don't want those with foam seeds inside, because those flatten out over time and it's too soft for my thick skin. I'd love my bean bag to be filled with REAL organic BEANS. So, just don't spill water on the bean bag, i suppose.

I resolve to pay them a visit at their odd opening hours.

Ok, back to work. Maybe more nonsense at a later time.

*** ***

I received an email with a series of "award winning" cartoon drawings. I am not sure if that's true but one thing's for sure, they're sure good at igniting dark feelings inside. Hmm.

Will be introducing these cartoons now and then. I apologize for not knowing where they come from and who the artists were.

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