Sunday, October 31, 2004

S'all Good.

Had a great time before, during and after church yesterday.

We had cell group so we used that time to pray for each other since most of cell mates are going to take on the exams next week.
It was great time of just uplifting each other in prayer.

Rather strangely, we had this forein preacher who came to give us the message and it was entitled "Don't Worry".
It was so cool because it was SO APPROPRIATE for everyone struggling with exams.
What was more interesting was that he had never preached on this topic before in all his years of experience.
He just felt that God had placed it upon his heart to bring us that designated message.

Isn't God GREAT?!


We headed down to the usual hawker centre for dinner.
It was TOTALLY HILARIOUS. Having the right mix of people around made dinner a real hoot.

I've never laughed so hard and genuinely in a long time!

Oh, and i've discovered...

I am a black eyeshadow and black mascara person.
WAIT, don't think drag queen or something lah.

I don't put much at all.
But being complimented for something one does not really have is... just... not right.
Oh well.

What good is it if you are complimented for outward looks when you feel truly ugly inside?

*** ***


Think i'll just call it "arching" from now on.

The national team has returned and so has the national coach.

The good news is, he intends to make me shoot 70m along with the team next week.
(at long last, some form of breakthrough, small or not, it doesn't matter.)

I just started on 50m today after my month long break.

I am happy with my form and groupings today.
Good arching today.
GOOD GIRL, well done, me.

It ain't perfect but i think i got qualitatively better.
My weight training has done me good.
And i think my break has done me good too.

I no longer just keep shooting end after end despite knowing that i am no longer going to be productive.
Hopefully, i've passed that "over-excited" mentality and am a more mentally matured/focused archer.

Discovered a funny thing.
One ex-national team member thought i was already in the team.
(HOW he got that notion, i do not know.)
And apparently, this news was passed on to someone else.
Good thing i cleared that up pretty quick.

It's not just this instance because there was another once as well.
I never realized that people actually talk about me.

You find out only when it gets to you.
It feels odd because i don't consider myself a prominent figure at the range.
When you realize that word actually gets around... you realize the seriousness of the fact that what you say can also go around just as quick.

It's quite scary/unsettling at times.
Hopefully, most of it is harmless information.

Gotta go. Birthday dinner wth family!

*** ***


I am beat. Nice and tired out.
Perfect for a good K.O.

Good night ya'll.

Till Then.
*Always Trust in the Lord.*

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