Monday, October 18, 2004

Emo Jo and a half as long post. Enjoy... Topic in bold for reference. *muahahaha*

No replies here because they are where you left yours. That includes posts that have been pushed from the screen.

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Mike the noble, decent, lovable, not bad looking single doctor talks in private at the hospital balcony with Carrie the mostly, goody-two-shoes, married, desirable, beautiful and pretty decent but stubborn women.

Carrie: I'm sure that you will find the perfect girl for you, Mike.
(in the most decent, pained, noble way) I have found her... But i can't have her. (this makes you almost want to cry)
Carrie: ... (looks on in speechlessness and helplessness although she already knows his predicament)

Mike: Do you know that it's taking every ounce of my will power, not to reach out and touch you, hold you and kiss you?
Carrie: ...
(ditto the above)

Before she leaves,

Mike: (reaches out to her with one hand and gently touches her soft cheek.... As if to say "My heart aches so badly, I love you so much but i can't have you. This is all that can be between us.")
(looks at him meaningfully) I gotta go Mike, i need to...

I dunno, maybe typed dialogue doesn't quite give the same impact. And the very fact that that was an excerpt from our afternoon soap opera, might just make it seem unimportant and cliche...

But when i saw and heard the way it was acted out... it just SQUEEZED my little achey breaky heart.

Then there's Pearl Habour. (ok, i couldn't hear their names exactly la, so i'll just gasak (that means "anyhow").

Emmeline: You died.
Reeve: But i'm back, it's ok now.

Emmeline: (looks undecided but proceeds with determination anyway) When you died... I died.

I think so far, that's the only line that has been ringing in my head since after the show.
When all things Lifespan Development should be instead.
Bleah, so much for studying.

*** ***

Guys and Planes

There's this thing about guys and cars, i believe i mentioned that before. Something rather sexy about it.
I think there's also something about guys and planes.

Think it's the whole: "I'm a pilot, i'm JUST SO cool... I'm so GREAT. See my gorgeous plane? See my cool shades and buff body?"

As he comes strutting out from that fighter aircraft, the proud girlfriend feels so warm and fuzzy inside that her wonderful mate is a PILOT.
And all her friends go, "oh you lucky thing... your boyfriend is SUCH a hunk..."

Hello? Wake up?!

The stupid i'm-flying-off-to-war-and-leaving-poor-girlfriend-behind stuff reminds me of a certain person.
Oh, go away!

On a different note.

Thoughts about War... and Us.

Watching Pearl Harbour stirred up some thoughts and yeah, you guessed it. It stirred up thoughts of the reality of the terrors of war.
What the world and countries would be like (reactions, who's on whose side) if war breaks out.
What kinds of bombs and things will be showered on us. (that's putting it mildly)
How will new developments help to protect us, to whatever extent.
How do we cope in times of war.
World War III?

Ties between countries are so important.

There's a lesson to you, Mr. said-Singapore-is-the-size-of-a-piece-of-pisai.

There's so much going on around the world and who knows how long it will be before it escalates.
Bringing people from all around the world into a state of mass side-taking and whatever else is reason for war, adversity and... finally into war.

How fast, how painful would the process of death be if i got flung off from a bomb explosion?
I rather die quick than have my arms and legs chopped off one by one.

What if someone points a gun to my head, or yes, threatens to chop off my limbs in order to make me renounce my God?

Easy to say that i won't renounce God now. If ever in that situation, i really hope and pray that i'd keep to my promise.

Imagine a time war has begun on the grounds of religion.
Imagine being out with friends and suddenly you are attacked by a bunch of armed anti-Christians and they demand that "whoever's a Christian, STEP OUT NOW."

Would i?

I think about it and i wonder what i would do...

How about, what if i am tortured by the anti-Christians and am asked to reveal the whereabouts of my family?
Or, what if one of my family members is caught and reveals our whereabouts?

Imagine the turmoil of emotions between family members.
Can you forgive? Can you still love?
Can you still see through the situation and still love?

Ok, i think examinations make the mind think more than i should.
Not good when things you think about aren't exam related.

*looks at time*

Till Then.
*Forgive Me.*

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