Thursday, October 21, 2004

All Systems Crash

My brain refuses to work, my hands refuse to type and i feel a bit like a zombie.

It's like, with the end of the exams, all systems go B-L-A-N-K.

S-H-U-T D-O-W-N.

I had a torrent of things i had wanted to do before but i realize i can't really remember... Except for the real salient ones.

I'm not complaining lah. I'm glad the exams are over though everyone else's is gearing up to go into full swing soon.

I just don't like losing myself.

I have nothing interesting nor intelligent(if there ever was) to blog about.

Had a rotten rotten rotten lousy haircut yesterday.
Feel like breaking out into loud unkind mutterings.

*** ***

On a less negative note.

Met up with a JC good friend yesterday (after bad haircut... ARGH!) to catch up, hang around...
The usual fare of a movie, dinner, walking around and chatting.

He's like, one in a very small few who can understand, if not understand, at least can tolerate my strange eccentricities, odd mutterings and outbursts of loony behaviour.

Bless his soul.

Ok, i admit that i made my first ever debut to NYDC.
Yes, i've NEVER BEEN to NYDC so far in my pathetic tortoise life.


But... Thanks Ivan for everything yesterday. You are a greatly appreciated friend.

*** ***

I know there was so much i wanted to say but my brain's gone.
Before i bore everyone...

Joline, out.

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