Sunday, October 24, 2004

Word of the Day: sian

Archery Sunday:

I was ACTUALLY BORED during archery practice today.

It's been more than a month i think of archery's absence in my schedule.
So, i should be hopping mad with enthusiasm, right?

Well, all in all, i can say that i am happy with my form. My groupings were there, good stuff.
Even for short range recurve. HAH.

I guess what made things dull was that the indoor range's distance was pretty sad. Less than 18m.
That's a piece of cake for compound archers.

All in all, i got more exercise from lugging my equipment there and back home than from shooting/arching.

Everybody, please laugh with me:

Walking along Orchard when this lady came right up to me and said:
"Would you like to be a model?"


Things sure happen for a reason:

I had a GEMs profiling exercise in church yesterday. It was about finding your spiritual gifts so that you are better able to serve in the church, Christian community and beyond...

And then the sermon we had that day itself was on "Shaped to Serve".
It really spoke to me because serving in a ministry with whatever i may possess has been an issue with me lately.
I feel like, it's time that i contribute and serve in church.

So, before the congregation was released, there was the FIRST altar call.
I felt SUPER COMPELLED to go forward for prayer. But i was struggling inside.

I felt something yelling in me to make a step forward but yet i looked around me and noted that not many people went up for prayer and that my cell mates didn't seem moved by it.

So, it kinda made me feel so uneasy inside to step up in front of hundreds of people.
Including my parents.

It wasn't just the uneasy feeling about stepping forth.

The struggling also came from wondering whether the urging was really from God, or emotions.
Or whether this message was really meant for me and that serving is really an issue in my life and that i am not kidding myself.

I wondered if this was truly the first step into understanding my calling in my Christian walk.

I began to pray...
Asked God: You know, if this is really meant for me, show me a sign Lord. Let something happen to tell me that this is really an urging from you.

True enough, the pastor up front made a SECOND call saying, "Church, if you feel as if you are struggling inside, all the more... Come forward and we will pray for you."

The rest, you can guess. :-)


I grumbled and mumbled, wondering what was going on.
And then, the next split second, you called.

Strange looks:

There's this Barang Barang branch at Paya Lebar. I've never been there before and so when i spotted it from a distance, i decided to pop in to have a look. It looked really classy and cosy from outside.

I tell you... It was SUCH A THERAPEUTIC EXPERIENCE walking through the furniture store.
The slightly dim lighting made colours more subdued, warm, and woody. It's like walking through a more sophisticated jungle home.

This branch had more stuff to see. More furniture, it was a bit more exotic, had a richer variety of household items that totally took my breath away.


I felt like my soul had been uplifted and was floating along with the sensual, rich and exotic heavenly sound(s).

Naturally, being a super vainpot (but a rather not-pretty one) i stopped by the Aesthetics corner to check out if they had put up the pictures.

HAH! There were pictures of Betty only. HAHAHAHAHA!
I'm nothing in comparison to her. She's SO PRETTY, that i look like scum next to her. HONESTLY.

Apparently, the cosmetics counter where both Betty and I would have our pictures on was not present at this branch.

What i found most scary/amusing/weird was that, when i walked by the cashier counter, where the group of Barang Barang staff were gathered at, one of the girls whispered something to the rest and the whole group turned around to glance at me. *aagggh*

Stupid me got lost in the rather huge store so i ended up walking around and around and around the place and well... quite scary lor.
Eyes followed.


But what's even more EEK worthy, was that when i was on the mrt, this ah pek kept looking at me!


I think it's my terrible haircut. Sigh, fishball head, i am.

Interesting family dinner:

My mom was such a dear and cooked us a western meal and since we're trying to clear our free stock of alcohol, we opened a bottle of red wine.

Just a small little bit i had, and my heart started racing at 100 beats per minute and my face was flushed and warm!

It was funny seeing faces getting red, especially dad's, when the red started spreading down his neck and beyond! *chuckle*
Tipsy family, a rare moment.


Ok, so what is being said/meant? Bleah, this and that was said, don't know what it all means exactly.
Then again, maybe i do, maybe i don't.
But whatever it is, to me, it's a straight line until proven otherwise explicitly.
Assumptions are total no-nos.

*** ***

Hope the alcohol lets me sleep real good later.

Till Then.
*loopy grin to you, mate*

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