Saturday, October 09, 2004

What a day. But i... Loved it.

Hello peeps! Many thanks for the comments that you've been leaving behind, and i want ya'll to know that they are very much appreciated! With effect from NOW, i will be replying to your comments via the comment box itself. This way, i can reply faster and blog posts will be shortened. Thanks. :-D
Yeah, so no replies here because they're in the same commentary box where you left yours.

*** ***

Oh goodness. I had a REALLY long day yesterday (friday) and i am still up into saturday's wee hours of the morning.

I shouldn't be typing this, nor should i be yakking online.
But i feel like i need an outlet!

Had a really long day yesterday but every minute of it was worth it, although i came home knowing and dreading the fact that i have a ton of work to do...
I'm honestly drowning in work, it's crazy ok.

I really don't know how i am going to pull through my revision for psychology, let alone the exam itself.

It's been terrible.
Dear friends have been trying to make me feel better (thanks Liting girl). I feel all right for a while, but then as reality hits me again and as i stare at my work pile, my heart sinks into despair.

*** ***

My eyes have been brutally abused since the exam prep began. Late nights and bad lighting...

Anyway, friday was spent first trying in vain to study for only 4hours or less.
I tried to awake at 6am to make up for the time that i'll be in NTU. But that, as you may have anticipated long ago, DIDN'T materialize.

So, studied some classical, instrumental conditioning, by Skinner, than looped off to go buy the birthday girl's present.
Argh. I REALLY didn't know what to get her. I just bought her something i thought i might like myself.
Poor attempt Jo, poor attempt.
But at least, i TRIED.

So, i happily took the bus to NTU, taking cell leader's estimated directions in FULL TRUST. Thank God, he was right.
No, not that i don't believe in his directions, but i sure don't want to get LOST in NTU.

Ok, so as usual i am the early bird, and... Happily sat down to mug somemore.
(yes, i brought my TB to mug if i figured i had the opportunity and time)

Was then whisked off to Hall 1 to cook food in the hostel's kitchenette!

Many Hands Make Light Work as opposed to Too Many Cooks spoil the Broth.

Neh, neh, had fun.
And yes, a guy friend was the chief chef! Wahaha, well i suppose he does cook his own meals in hostel.

(i will talk about the hostels another day, MUST TALK about the hostels!)

Yep, so we managed to serve up spagetti and salad and fruit for all to eat.
And not forgetting the "Fair Lady" birthday cake from "Polar". Ha.

We had a time of good clean fun and laughter.
Being with church friends is so different from being with other friends. To be very honest.
The atmosphere is caring, polite but not unbearably so, helpful, and how should i put it... Clean?

Hope to get to know them more and more.

After clearing up (an easy task because everyone helps and we are so not inconsiderate and messy) we gave the birthday girl her present.
Yay! Hope she likes them... :-)

After which, the hostelites escorted the non-hostelites to the bus stop to go home.
Phew, hot and humid night it was.
My hair was getting icky and gross. Why? You don't want to know anyway.

This is a very condensed version of what happened. SIGH.
I cannot manage anymore tonight.

I am weary eyed.
I feel as if my lids are crusted and it kinda pains me when i blink.
It is so, not comfortable.

*** ***

I surprise myself, i made it this far.
Time Check: 3+ am.

I am still awake. My dark circles have gotten to be a marvellous shade of grey now, approaching black. Ok, a bit kua zhang but you get my drift.

NEED to yodel. Everyone's asleep, yes, they lead normal lives, while i am staring at printed dead processed trees.

I notice even that i am not using my usual tone (then again, i might be mistaken, i will need a second opinion on this).
In actual fact, i kind of like this semiconscious ramble. ha.ha.ha.

It's so weird.

It's my exam period and strangely, i am getting a lot of people asking me out.
ARGH, why now? Why now?
I am SO SHORT OF TIME to study... It's CRAZEE. Just simply CRAZEE.

I'm beginning to appreciate going out and being with people though, little by little, one step at a time...

Blah... but it's all happening NOW, during my exams.
Then, i have to like, turn them down and miss out on more socialising exposure.
I DO want to be with them!

And then, when I finish MY exams, THEIRS begins!
Maybe it works well this way anyway, because then we can take turns to pray for each other. :-)

My eyes are about "burning slightly" now. Tired, tired, weighing a ton.

Ok, back to work. See if i am still not brain dead in a while more.

Will leave a note for family members NOT to wake me up or they'll end up with one less finger.

Till then.
*crawls over to the study for more cramming...
that's done. Bed. Bed.*

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