Thursday, October 14, 2004

Ploughing through.

Hello peeps! Many thanks for the comments that you've been leaving behind, and i want ya'll to know that they are very much appreciated! With effect from NOW, i will be replying to your comments via the comment box itself. This way, i can reply faster and blog posts will be shortened. Thanks. :-D
Yeah, so no replies here because they're in the same commentary box where you left yours.

*** ***

I have decided that that guy is just simply that kind of person so there is totally nothing going on.

"I have to get used to these things..."

Anyway, off for now because i will be minced if i don't finish the all important "consciousness" topic for my exam.
Not sure if i'll update because most of the things in my head incline towards
"PERSONAL", and everything else is just random scrappings from a tired and sloppy pig swill brain.
(does that ring a cruel bell? *smirk*)

Yeah, so, as most of the psychology students would declare but since we are all hardworking, diligent and never-say-die people who're hungry for success, as unconscious as we are, we shall endeavour to mug!!!
(and mind you, the consciousness topic is just a little abstract...)


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