Sunday, October 03, 2004

The night chilly,
The wind sharply cold,
it carasses my skin.
Face tipped to the sky.
Clouds, odd patterns they keep to.
Unique by day and night.
Her silver glow, piercing the clouds.
Colours so mysterious.
Will you join me?

Lapping waters, slapping the stones.
Peaceful, yet disturbing.
Beckoning but repelling.
Only the disturbed go near, too far.
Face tipped to the sky, the endless stretch of the heavens.
Wraps our Earth, the gentle curve.
Gusty wind, against my cold cheeks.
The dark night sky calls.
Will you join me?

Looking about me.
Who is near?
No one, nothing but my own chains.
Who understands me?
Who do I have?
Silence roars.
Who will join me?

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