Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Now, now children, this is only for adults and for people who know where i'm coming from!

Joline is going to scream, so back off.

Sometimes, i don't know why i EVEN FRIGGIN' BOTHER!
Each time, i think i get smarter, but really, i am a sucker. A REAL SUCKER!

WAKE UP!!! HELLO?! W-A-K-E U-P!!!!!

I shall forever remain celibate, even in the mildest sense.
I can't even trust myself, stupid girl.


There are some people... i should just STAY THE *beep* AWAY from.

But why oh why do such people stir the air?

I think they should just all go and disappear.


*** ***

I realize i have lost whatever edge i had. The sharp mouthed, quick to shoot back bitch has softened.
But of course, you, my friends, can correct me i'm wrong.

I'm not referring to stuff like the above. That's... something else altogether.

But seriously, it's like this:

Whenever i meet someone i know is of my frequency, i find myself just so UNABLE to match that level, like i would have been able to, IN THE PAST.

I find myself unable to keep up and reply in the same manner although i KNOW that i could before.
It's really frustrating!

So, am i comfortable with this newer me or am i dying to break out of it?
Is my brain slowing? Am i becoming a dim-wit?

*sob* :-(((((((

Maybe i'm just afraid of being too liberal with my words since my mindset now seems to be, "Make more friends".

So, would my new friends ever get to see the real me?
Hm, i would probably diss them off before they can stay around for long.

Ok, i seriously need to get work done! Have got lots of tasks to accomplish and i can't even remember the whole lot.

Maybe later.

Till Then.
*Moratorium..., a slow developer, you.*

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