Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Before Exam Blabbering.

In just a few hours, Goth Girl will be released back into the real world, out from the House of Horrors...

She'll sleep like a rotting log and then awaken as a super energized archer!


Sigh. My eye bags and dark circles have been uplifted to a new level of perfection in its creation.

The skin under my eyes used to be dark.
Now, it's dark and puffy.
It's so puffy i don't need to smile to get them to enlarge.

So, i don't think you want to see me smile. Because the pure ugliness of it will kill you.

*** ***

Strange. The hours to the exam seem to be passing by at a really slow pace.
I count that as good.
Gives the illusion of longer time to revise.

I've never felt this worried about an exam SINCE THE 'A' LEVEL CHEM PAPER!

I remember studying under the Sports Complex stairs with good friend Betty...
Studying Food Chemistry at the 11th hour!
Sheesh. 'A' Level and still so unprepared.
There was no excuse for being so unprepared.

It is by pure God's Grace that i passed Chemistry with a D.
I think that breaks Mr P Cheong's record for "poorest student's chem grade".
Oh, you see, he said that his poorest chem student got a C in the past.

And i consider myself to be the poorest or one of the poorest chem students in class.
It always applaud people who like and do and understand chemistry.

A 'D' grade is nothing spectacular of course. It's below average.
But considering that i've never passed more than 2 or 3 chemistry tests (tests: topical tests, mid and end year exams)...

THROUGHOUT my ENTIRE JC LIFE, a 'D' grade was a miracle.

Before receiving my results, i even had a dream that i had a glowing red 'F' printed on my transcript.
*hands pressed hard against cheek coupled with a horrified expression*

I am having this blunt headache prodding suggestively at my temples.

Ok, i guess the next time i'll be back blogging will be if i am either tired of revising or if i'm back after the paper.

I really hope i'll do good.
I'm not just doing this for myself, but for the parentals who've invested so much in me.
To let them down is a downright dirty deed on my part.

Lord, when i am weak, you are strong.
I do it in your strength and no longer in mine.
I commit everything into your sovereign hands...
My best i will give, and everything else is for you to deal with.
I put it into the deposit box with the hole.

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