Wednesday, October 27, 2004

If only i knew. (updated)

But FIRST...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVAN!!! *confetti!*
Blessed Birthday, my friend. :-)

*** ***

I've been assigned the marketing job with respect to the Archery Club of Singapore.
I'm freaking and procrastinating (yes, i ADMIT it) because i'm so scared of messing the entire thing up.
What does jo know about marketing and advertising?


*buries face in hands in despair*

This isn't some school project, this is REAL WORLD stuff.



*** ***

I don't like thinking over it and coming to a conclusion i'm not even sure about.

Why can't it just be as clear as summer sky?

Silence is beautiful.
Silence is peaceful.
Silence can be a conversation on its own.

I love the "right" silence.

But it's also nice to hear those sweet words.
Just for that small instant...

The day ends on a perfect note.

But sadly, people are strange and such is life.

*** ***

I am proud and not proud of self.

Went gymming today, starting out on my archer's training programme.
Problem is, my knee kept crying out to me after the gymming session even though i only had a very short jog.
Old injury.

I then went on another of Jo's i-don't-know-where-i-am-going-to-go-but-i-am-going-to-find-that-place-anyway trips.

On a quest to find my Jurong Archery Centre! YES! THERE IS ONE NOW!

Spent a good hour or two trudging around the Jurong area, with the industrial, residential and what-have-you buildings.

After hunting back and forth, i went into a residential provision shop.
Before stepping in, i asked the Lord to give me someone who KNOWS where the place is and also to UNDERSTAND ENGLISH! (was praying against coming face to face with an ancient ah pek)

Lo and behold, a friendly teenage girl was behind the counter and she was exactly who i needed.
So, with her accurate directions, i finally made it there!


I do like embarking on those i-don't-where-the-place-is-but-i'll-find-my-way-around trips.

Unfortunately, i treated myself to an ice-blended WHITE CHOCOLATE drink. (super sinful but i didn't quite like it though after a few gulps)

And when i got home, i stuffed my face with M&M white chocolate.
There goes my gym session.

Till then.
*I hope and i wonder.*

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