Monday, October 11, 2004

Feeling: Lazy.

I am seriously addicted to Bubble Tea. Why am i typing with capital first letters? It's not like it's God...
See? It's become something important.

I've gotten seriously hung up on bubble tea. I don't know.
I suggest that they have now laced the drinks with some subtle substance to bring back the money making trend.

Yah, yah, stupid i know. But WHY OH WHY?!

I tell you, since the advent of "Sweet Talk" (a dessert and bubble tea chain) with their marvellously low prices for the stuff,

It has become a tad more serious that it has recently escalated from one cup per purchase, to now THREE cups at one go.
The absurd reasoning is: I am worried that by the time i get home, my first cup would have been completely polished off and i'd have nothing left "for later".

I am THAT addicted.

Am i really so undeserving of a place in our local unis? (aside from SMU, but even then, it was my last choice.)

Firstly, I couldn't even get into one of the "dumping ground" courses where people with grades WORSE than mine got in.
Secondly, even with the SAT and Chinese components scrapped, (which coincidentally were the 2 things i vehemently THOUGHT was blocking my path into my desired course in uni) i STILL couldn't get in.
I prayed and asked, and thought that if God felt it was for me, I'm sure that by pure supernatural intervention, he could've easily given me a place.

But it was never meant to be.
I guess things I want don't fall into God's plan for me. As much as i long to be elsewhere, who knows, something good can come out of this.

It was just like how i excelled in my humble neighbourhood school.
Ok, though I did became a rather icky person in some sense (i hope i have remedied that a little since then), i was also given opportunities i would MOST probably have NEVER been given had i gone to some high-ranking girls' school.
Because of what my teachers saw in me, i discovered (some) of my talents and grew in some areas of what makes me.

No doubt i would never know what a better school would've groomed me into, but it was within that humble environment, that i could shine.
And eventually, i did well in my 'O's and went to my dream JC. (which is a different story of love and hate)

I guess being where i am now could've been used to teach me humility which is something i lack.
Yes, i admit, i am a snob.

Guys are SO ODD. Ok, ok, maybe just this one is.
It's like, one minute, his actions seem to indicate the desire for something more than friendship, and the next, he treats you either like everyone else, or he more or less couldn't really bother.

All right, don't jump into conclusions. I won't tell you if you ask, because it is not my intention to make anyone feel bad or guilty or anything.
In this case, ignorance is bliss for you.

No more sweet talkers ever, i don't like sweet talkers, and if you are one, use it erm, in moderation, or exclusively for the girl you really like. (AND MEAN IT!)
Not for every girl you want to string along.
Or every girl. Period.

Till Then.
*Biological Psych. My favourite*

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