Wednesday, October 20, 2004


wa... i don't know why i'm typing this right now.
if i sound like some drunken ah pek, please forgive me...

exams are over, over over.
it's interesting that about a couple of days before the paper, i began to have those headaches again.
The one i had experienced not long ago due to bad sleeping hours.

As i was saying, about a couple of days ago, it returned, but were only prodding at my temples.
But it's only after the paper proper when it has escalated and taken over my head...

I know it's crummy having a headache but i THANK GOD ANYWAY, for delaying the onset of the fullblown headache.
Well, it's a natural biological thing so i just need to get my proper sleep back.
Goth Girl is now so free, it's crazy.

I'll blog more bout that later. It's now 2:06am.
I've get energy oh YEAH, but my head is in bad shape.
Howling at me to knock off and so i will, with a grumpy grunt.

OH ME, Oh my... Ohmy head...


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