Wednesday, October 13, 2004



I feel as if every minute of my life has to be filled with studying, mugging, sitting at my table staring at a textbook memorising things.
If i am not studying or doing anything school work related, i feel guilty.
I feel guilty even when i take a short trip out to spend time with myself.
The irony is ... I hate doing work.


I wouldn't be awake now if i wasn't being an idiot earlier on.
I was already almost done with my psych chapter (on psychoanalytic and humanistic psych) but i was a bullhead and went on surfing the net... and even playing a vocab game.

So now i am stuck with work at 2am and I AM ANNOYED.

I also have, right now, an irritated stomach/intestines because of some powderful homemade chilli.

I have been doing mindmaps to help me remember my work, and i think i can say that it has helped somewhat though it takes an awful long time to do a good one.
Then again, a "good one" isn't exactly suppose to be stuffed with too much info right?

*miserable mumble*

Yeah, so on my first try at the mindmap thing, i found out, "WOW! you mean everything in the chapter can be condensed like this?"
(was never one to believe in it at one point, you see.)

Nice concept right?

But no, workaholic Jo had to go and do some other inane thing to make life more complicated for herself, because the mindmap looked too deceivingly simple.

Please tell me that i am a silly poot.

Arrrhhh, i'll take my leave as for now.
Blogging isn't going to help me finish that chapter.

I think my pocket Oxford dictionary is friggin' outdated. It doesn't have "befuddled" in it.

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