Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Why David Lanz and Company ROCK.

Upon receiving one of the periodical emails from Davidlanz.com which had information about a sale going on, i decided:
THAT'S IT. I'M GOING TO GET THOSE CDS THAT SINGAPORE DOESN'T BRING IN. (ok, they're priced in US dollars, but well... who cares when it's David Lanz?!)

And so, straight to the website i go and made my order. *click, click, click*

I love their service because it's SO easy and...:

- And it took just 9 days for the CDs to reach me. I is a happy camper.

- They answered my first email request in just a matter of... dunno. A coupla hours? And to my subsequent replies, the "Web Goddess" replied immediately. So prompt, so clean.

- They threw in a free cd. Apparently, someone had stuck a blue coloured post-it on the back of the CD saying "Free Bonus!". (handwritten too!)

- David Lanz sent his autograph (TWO somemore!) even though i didn't request for it. (the website does ask if you would like David Lanz's autograph)

When i received the package, i was surprised to find that it was specified to contain "3 CDs". Thought they had gotten it wrong, but when i opened it, needless to say, i felt so warm and smiley inside.

I'm not the sort to go kuku over freebies but i was quite touched lah. Yeah, it could've been a very good business tactic. Well, it worked anyway.

What i love most about David Lanz and Co., is that they come across as very personal. I don't know about you, but from the first day i found and surfed his website, i felt that he was NOT an artist who hides behind tons of managers, tons of crew, tons of professional but impersonal cold sounding web pages and whatnot.

For example, you get to see pictures of him with family and friends and even his travels and read fun facts among other things.
No wonder they won an award for their site.
The emails he sends out sound like they are speaking right to you, and he adds his familiar pleasant humour into them.

And this personal touch translates to even the items they sent out: The little post-it that was handwritten and stuck so candidly behind the CD and the extra initiatives which were the cd, one signature on a slip of paper in one CD and another slip of paper with a short message and signature.

I really appreciated it.

Sigh. *smile* There's something so unspeakably beautiful about handwritten messages.

Lalala. But i haven't looked at the damage to my bank account yet.

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