Thursday, May 26, 2005

We Triumphed.

After a year of disappointment last year, ACJC wrestled and tackled their way to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y this time.


23 to ACJC... Can't quite see RJC's score... Hm... Posted by Hello

Squinting, are you?

Well, here you are then. *cheeky grin* Posted by Hello

(sorry, i couldn't help it. took my cue from a coupla cheeky ACS guys who were behind me.)

Flurry of ACS flags... Mostly held up high and united. Well, sorta. Posted by Hello

WE WON AND WE KNOW IT! Posted by Hello

HOOYAY! Posted by Hello

And so... It was a beautiful day for all ACSians. Posted by Hello

Two noted:

- All the ACJC ruggers had "Phil 4:13" printed just below the ACS crest, both of which were emblazoned on front of their jerseys.

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." (Phil 4:13)

- The loud "AMEN!" after the post game prayer. Beautiful.

*** ***

I ended class late to find that i could only reach the Police Academy at 6+pm to catch the rugby finals.

After the mad dashing and calves-killing brisk walking, I got off the bus hoping that there was still some of the game left to watch. From where i was, i spied that it was still going on.
But i had this gut feeling in me that i was going to need to run to the field if i was going to catch anything of any good.

So i sprinted about 150m to the academy and halfway, i thought i heard the triple whistle blow. I didn't have much time to think so i continued running.

Just as i reached the edge of the field, i caught snippets of disappointed but encouraging bits (ok, comments) from the RJC camp to their team. Also saw that some of them didn't look all that excited and they were milling about less than enthusiastically.

AH HAH! I think ACJC won!

My first goal was to take a peek at the scoreboard.

And so i did... and i saw that we sort of thrashed RJC 23-0, I called up TW immediately and told him we won!

J: Hey TW, guess what? WE WON!
TW: (!!!)
(both of us are were very happy people at that point)

All this was done at quite a high volume as i was walking behind the Rafflesians towards the ACJC camp. No need to mention that i got stared at as i went by. Muah hahaha.

Guess i didn't get to catch the action on the field, so i got myself swept up into the mass and mess of ACSians that had ran onto the field.

And sang the school song along with everyone else.
It felt a little strange, wish i had been wearing a school tee instead but neh mind.

The only two complaints i have are

- that being an unofficial photographer, i didn't get the chance to take close up shots with the players actually LOOKING at MY camera. Pffft. Neh mind.

- i am a jinxed photographer. The team did the "Haka", this Maori war dance about a total of 3 or 4 times and i caught nothing but ONE miserable shot of backsides.
YES, rugger backsides.
How dumb.
Reason being that i:
1. couldn't get to the front where they were facing.
2. my stupid hand and brain coordination was entirely off, hence resulting in my camera not working as a team with me.

Anyway. Neh Mind.
WE WON. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

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