Thursday, May 12, 2005

So what if you've never been laid before getting hitched?

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Was just thinking of how these days, people do not treat virginity as something worth keeping till the day you marry the love of your life or someone close to that.

It's really sad.

Being a Christian and also a traditionalist in many ways, i think that saving that bit of yourself for your spouse makes things very special for both. Even if it means that they have to read the Idiot or Dummies guide books series together on how to copulate.

Don't give me that: Aiya, must get some experience first mah...
That is utter CRAP.

Ok, so you think that if you do not perform in bed on your wedding night, it means that your self worth and ego deflates down to something of the size of an amoeba.

But, I do not think that your future wife/husband would appreciate you having had "practice" with other females/men before her.
Even if you act like a total greenie on your first time, SO WHAT?!

(unless... you're the type who gets turned on by experienced people and you don't care how and where they got the experience.)

I'm sure that s/he'll see right through the situation. Remaining a virgin takes quite some will power, determination and inner strength with the kind of pressures that society dishes out more than abundantly.

Some of you might say: It's ok to have sex as long as you truly love the person. Oh, and make that safe sex too.

I don't condone this but this becomes a question of personal choice. (though i still think that it is an excuse)

Let me point out that it is never certain that you will NEVER eventually break up unless somehow or other, you know the future, or lost the keys to those handcuffs.

And if you say that you truly loved the person that you made love to, think again of how you would have caused some form of emotional baggage/hurt in the person as an after effect in the event of a break-up.

My take is that sexual intercourse was made for couples who have already made vows to each other that are not meant to be broken. MARRIAGE, in other words.

It's something special that two people share exclusively because of the love, committment and responsibility that they have for one another.
It's something precious that is worth keeping till the day you give it in and devote it to that person you love.
Because he/she is worth it, worth the wait.

In that way, you also honour each other with your bodies.

Therefore, if you've remained a virgin, under well, NORMAL circumstances...
That says a lot about you.
And i salute you. It is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it makes you special.

That said, i am not condemning those who've had premarital sex before. I will still love, forgive and accept you for who you are but i definitely don't condone what has been done.

Till Then.
*Been putting my skin through hell these days... Man, i look like a 100.*

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