Thursday, May 05, 2005

to go?

I have been called down to NTU for an interview tomorrow... It's to do with my 5th choice i made, which is, the arts degree in English Literature.

I thought it was suppose to be just English! Very different you know?

Em... I said I would turn up but upon more thought, realize that there is no point in doing so.

Whether i get the place or if i do not, either way, i am not budging from my psychology degree course in SIM, UNLESS and only UNLESS i get the psychology place in NTU.
Which is a VERY VERY iffy thing.

The chances of getting that psychology place is possibly next to zilch. But well, if the Lord has plans, then so be it.

T'was really embarrassing when the admin person called me up and asked me if i could schedule an interview in tomorrow for the English Lit programme and i was like:

"Sorry? English Lit...?"

"Yes, it was your last choice"

Sigh. Clearly, i don't think i came across as a very serious student who knows what exactly is going on.
Well, truth be told. I would never do engineering in a million years, hence the last choice being what it is.

(actually, more accurately. I CAN'T DO engineering. My aptitude in that area is minus infinity.)

If i don't go for this interview, it shouldn't have anything to do with/shouldn't interfere with my application into my first choice, that is, psychology... Right? Correct me please.

Bleah. Later. I have soooo much reading to do, i wish i was that fella from Star Trek, whatshisface?


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