Tuesday, May 10, 2005

He painted.

Because of the blue skies, white clouds, the absence of rain and dark clouds earlier in the day, it birthed me a boooootiful sunset yesterday.

Jo ran upstairs to soak in the beauty of the short lived moment... with the camera.
The scene changes every moment but i guess it's not easy to tell. Gads, i wish i had a, whatchamacallit? Wide angle lens thingy?

Went to see if the roof top area (you know, where the generators and stuff are?) was open, but the gate was chained up.
Had to make do with the floor just below it, which was thankfully also just a floor above the penthouse, so that hopefully the residents don't get the wrong idea.

Tried the panorama function thing but i don't know how to stitch it up digitally. Pffft.

If i could spend my days sky gazing, during its every season, rain or shine, on top of the world on a cliff where i can see the East and West.
Oh, how magnificent that would be.

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Uhm... No words needed..

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Love the whole cacophony of different cloud formations but yet they all fit together to form a perfect tapestry.

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There was this interesting horizontally stretched out cloud.

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Layers of pretty colours.

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Love the higher wispy clouds in the background and the thick poofy ones that appear closer to us. Like little animated characters running around a backdrop.

Thing whichever-number with an itchy eye that it's scratching and a strawberry. (platform: my hand) Posted by Hello

Gah... Wish there was a better way to frame/enlarge/do SOMETHING to the photos so i can somehow do the photos some justice and show you just how glorious the whole thing was.

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