Sunday, May 08, 2005

From a Christian perspective (updated)

He spoke of the absence of the love of the Earthly daddy during the youth service today.

And at the end of it all, i saw many young people bravely coming forward to receive prayer from parent representatives.

(these "parent representatives" are parent couples who were chosen, because of their experience and the knowledge of God, to give prayer support to those youths who felt that they needed to forgive their fathers for the hurt and pain inflicted. Emotional or otherwise.)

It touched me to see how these complete strangers (the youths), embraced these parents who were not their own.

Also, it was such a joy to see how these parents look upon these youths with love. With the love of Christ that resides in them.

I don't believe in shoving Christianity down anyone's throat. It puts people off and only makes things touchy between people.

Funny how the talk on faith can really infuriate people. Funny how it's become such a sensitive topic.

My heart aches when i see these debates that just keep going on and on and on. Yeah, i was involved in one before. *shakes head*
And i won't be too quick to get myself involved again unless justified.
Just wish that these debates would just cease.

But sometimes, i just want to shout at the top of a mountain cliff and tell the world how God loves you and WANTS YOU.

Sometimes, i just wish that the very words i direct at a person can speak right to a person's innermost being and soul.

It's so hard to share about God when friends have strong beliefs in their philosophies and theories that they have arrived at.

It's not that we seek to put your views down and win an argument.

But this persistent sharing of God, is really done out of pure love.
It has nothing to do with self gain.

(though i have heard of otherwise. in such cases, we Christians also need to search ourselves for wrongdoing.)

I want to go back to my Creator, and that is also precisely what i want for my friends too, with all my heart.

When we die, or when the world ends, whichever comes first, it would be such a joy to be eternally in the presence of the ones you loved on Earth, together with our one Creator.

Which is why, in a not so distant past, it kept me awake at night thinking...

What if something happens to so-and-so before so-and-so can be led to Christ?

I don't know how i can live with that guilt, for not being lovingly persistent enough.

*** ***

Eh... Was sifting through my drawer trying to find letters and put them together.

Came across the countless postcards that my friends had so lovingly written and given during my JC days.

*smiles and feels so lurrrved*

Found a bit of "the history", ah, but it shall remain history.

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